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May Product Highlights

Monthly Soap: Runic Spell

This flirty blend of fruit and floral is perfect for February! Find out more on the product page!


Monthly Product: Probiotic Deodorant

An all natural deodorant that actually works? YES! Check it out today!


Shea Butter Collage

Monthly Ingredient: Moisturizing Shea Butter

This ingredient is a well loved ingredient here at Nordic Allure! Learn more about this awesome ingredient here!

Check out one of our handmade soaps, bath or body products today! Let us (and fellow Nordic Allure fans, or soon to be fans) know what you think of the products you have used! Don’t forget to check out the monthly ingredient highlights to learn more about the ingredients we use here at Nordic Allure and why we love them!

Don’t see one of your favorite products? It might be a seasonal scent or currently just out of stock…or Gloria might have overlooked its production (it happens). Feel free to let her know it’s in demand and you can’t wait to see it available again! Who knows, there might even be a bar of your favorite soap hiding at the shop that is available for you!

Did you also know that if you’re local (or passing through on vacation) you can order online and arrange to pick up your order? We think that’s pretty cool.






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Scent: Runic Spell

Product: Probiotic Deodorant

Accessory: Soap Net


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