About Us

Nordic Allure's creation and journey began in 2012 as a sanity project when my oldest son was born. I found myself at the end of my active duty career with the Navy and suddenly becoming a stay at home mom; something I never anticipated and was completely unprepared for. Needing a project that was just for myself I decided I wanted to learn how to make soap. It was a chemical romance from the very start, a love that quickly drove my desire to learn more about the process, the ingredients and their benefits, and the craft as a whole. Looking back it still amazes me how far Nordic Allure has come. I often reflect on those first few batches (the ones I was so proud of then) and graciously thank time and practice for improving my skills. 

At one point I decided that in order to continue my addiction to the saponification process I needed to start selling my soap. By this time I had started to dabble in making other products too, and decided I should add those to my brand as well. It was over 2 years of learning, developing, and testing my recipes before I finally considered them customer worthy. I started selling at local craft fairs and events but my first real market break was the Bellevue Farmer's Market in Bellevue, Nebraska where I sold my products for 2 seasons and I am so grateful to the customers and vendors I met there. I moved back to my home state, Montana, at the end of the 2015 market season and established Nordic Allure in the Flathead Valley during the 2016 market season. 

My goal is that Nordic Allure will become a brand name that customers know and love everywhere.

A common question people ask is how I came up with the name "Nordic Allure". While in the Navy I was often called "Viking", "Warrior Princess", "Amazon" and other variations of those (my Scandinavian roots are pretty obvious I guess.) So originally I was going to go with another name only to discover there was already another soap company with that name out there. So I started thinking about how I could convey my heritage (and apparently unshakable nicknames). "Nordic" is used to describe those of Germanic and Scandinavian decent, and northern culture from those areas. I also wanted my brand to stand out, and to pull people in; after many internal debates, brainstorming sessions, and polls on facebook I finally decided on "Nordic Allure."