What is Soap


“Check out those awesome swirls! Every batch that has multiple colors will be different and is part of the fun!”

What is Soap?

Soap is a surfactant and cleaning agent made up of sodium fatty acids. This occurs through the saponification process by combining oils and/or animal fats with an alkali solution of either sodium or potassium hydroxide. So what is soap? It’s a really awesome chemical reaction!

I’m often asked why someone should buy a handmade soap vs one you can get for cheap at the store. I often ask them in turn what they use and if it is real soap or if it’s a detergent. 90% of the time they are using a detergent and don’t even realize it. I challenge you to think about the products in your shower. Are they a “bath gel”, “shower gel”, “moisturizing wash”, “moisturizing bar”, “cleansing bar”, “cleansing wash” or any variation there of that doesn’t actually use the word soap?

Guess what? Those are all detergents, synthetic cleansing agents that aren’t actually soap. A product can’t be labeled soap unless it’s actually soap, and in order to have soap you have to have saponified oils. Often someone wants to know another reason (or several) besides the fact what they are using isn’t actually soap.

So here are my top reasons you should buy handmade soap:

  • Its Economical- When properly taken care of one of my large bars of soap will last longer than the bottle of shower gel, or the cheap store bought bars.
  • Supports an Actual Person- You know the person who actually made it, it directly supports someone you know vs some large corporation.
  • Ingredients are Better- Despite what large corporations would lead consumers to believe, artisan soap makers often use higher quality and purer ingredients than the large corporations do. Making our products better for you than mass produced products full of cheap fillers.
  • Better Customer Experience- Another benefit to knowing the crafter is that you can form an actual relationship with them. I have many customers who stop by my booth at the farmers market just to say hi! (I love that by the way!)
  • They feel amazing- Each Nordic Allure soap is a little different so each one is a unique experience, but they all feel amazing.

What’s your favorite Nordic Allure product? I would love to hear your thoughts!


Some Quick Detergent Facts

  • Detergents have been around since 1914 when they were created in Germany by Mr. Otto Rohm with his research on enzyme uses.
  • They became a bigger part of American life in 1933 when Proctor and Gamble’s first synthetic detergent, Dreft, hit the market.
  • Sixteen years later Tide was introduced and has been the leading laundry detergent since going public in 1949.

“Getting ready to label, every bar is wrapped and labeled by hand!”

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