The Chemical Romance


“My Boys! The reasons I need a sanity project! They are my world…but sometimes that world is total chaos.” 

The Chemical Romance

So often people ask me how I got started making soap. Honestly, it started as a sanity project. I was in the Navy and had just had my first son at the end of my active duty enlistment. I was suddenly facing something I never imagined myself being… a stay at home mom.


To say I was unprepared for the whole SAHM gig would be an understatement. Don’t get me wrong, I now love being able to work from home in order to spend time with my boys and watch them grow. But at the time I really needed something I could do that was just for me. Something that would give me some kind of mental break from the mom tasks that can quickly and easily overwhelm new moms.


It was an instant chemical romance. That very first batch of soap I ever made had me falling in love with the whole process. Mind you that first batch of soap was…not the greatest…but it was the beginning of something that has brought me to where I am today.

I actually decided to try soap making because of a lady my mom knew when I was growing up who made soap. I remember her talking about it and a couple times my mom and I had gone over to her house and she was making some when we arrived. The whole process fascinated me and I always thought it was neat someone could make their own soap. Fast forward about 10 years and it was one of the first things I started looking into when I decided I needed a hobby for myself.


It’s always amazing to look back on those first few batches and see the progress I’ve made. Thankfully over the last 7 years I’ve learned a LOT and have improved my skills. From recipe development, to the creative element it provides, it has be an exciting journey. One I hope I can share more about, with you, in the future!


“My first batch of soap…it wasn’t very pretty, but it was the beginning to something amazing.”


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